25 January 2018

New update of eWAS GTD for iPhone

The new version of eWAS for iPhone, version 2.7.1, is officially here. We are thrilled to announce that we have make the app an even more complete weather awareness solution. With a total make-over to improve usability and increased information about winds, airports and more.

This version for iPhone now includes most of the features of its big brother eWAS for iPad, but designed to be use in the smaller screen of an iPhone. Now it is easier than ever to use direct filters to observation, forecast and wind, the airport view with METAR and TAF information and vertical display interface with tropopause information. It is now possible to request weather by geographical area and OFP flight plans (reserved to PRO Customers). Version 2.7.1 is iOS 11 compatible and has several bug fixes.

Download eWAS weather awareness solution today and change the way you plan your flights. Click here to download