14 March 2018

More than 20,000 Pilots are already using eWAS Solution

We are excited to announce that last Sunday 11th of March we surpassed the 20.000 pilots using our eWAS for Pilots solution. These clients have fleets of diverse sizes, from 3 aircrafts to more than 200!

eWAS is a weather awareness solution for airlines that gives pilots updated weather forecast and nowcast during the briefing and even during the en-route phase. With a tablet or an EFB in the cockpit, which may be connected via Wifi, 3G/4G, SATCOM, or ACARS, pilots can check quickly how the weather will evolve.

Our Current portfolio proposes a dedicated solution for pilots “eWAS pilot” and a solution for dispatchers “eWAS Dispatch”. This last solution allows the dispatchers to track in real time all their flights with the same view and same weather data as the pilots. Aircraft position is directly received by ACARS or ADS-B. Both solution are integrated with the Operations Control Center (OCC) to receive the OFP.

eWAS Pilot help you to speed-up your briefing with more up to date data, reduce fuel and insurance costs, meanwhile the passengers can enjoy a safer and more  comfortable flights.

Download eWAS weather awareness solution today and change the way you plan your flights. Click here to download.