28 November 2017

GTD attended the WMO Aeronautical Meteorology Scientific Conference in Toulouse

GTD participated in WMO Aeronautical Meteorology scientific Conference that took place the 6-10 November in Toulouse. GTD presented the interest to integrate weather forecast in the cockpit and highlighted the benefit of the eWAS service.

Under the theme "Aviation, weather and climate: Scientific research and development for future aeronautical meteorological services in a changing atmospheric environment", the objective of this event was to provide a forum for representatives of the research community, the service providers, and the users of aeronautical meteorological information and services to discuss the needs for science and research in support of the current and future aviation transport.

During the last years airlines have worked on replacing the briefing paper in a digital solution for their tablets. Static charts in pdf files completed progressively the electronic flight folder for a complete digital solution in tablets. With the generalization of ground and satellite communication, the pilots are now requesting a more dynamic solutions with close to real time forecast and nowcast. They are interested to get the most recent updates few minutes before the take-off from their iPad with 4G communication and even request updates from a connected EFB in the cockpit. Clear Air Turbulence, CB nowcasting, Icing, Ice crystal are now the main worry of the pilot to improve the safety and the comfort of the passengers.

Listening to the pilots need during the last 12 years, a SME bring up a new weather solution for the pilots named eWAS. Thank to strategic partnership, the company succeeds to propose its weather service wordily and now the solution is deployed in different major Airlines in Europe and Asia.

The speaker, Florent Birling, Airlines COO at GTD, presented the new needs of the airlines and exposed an example of integration realized for Air France.