eWAS: Weather and turbulence forecast for EFBs

The eWAS weather service provides in real time weather and turbulence forecasts and nowcasts during all the phases of your flight. Weather information will be available during the flight preparation on your tablet and will be updated during the flight on your connected Electronic Flight Bag (EFBs) in the cockpit. The solution will present a clear view of the current and future weather hazards along your flight path. The enhanced situation awareness will enable better strategic navigation which will contribute to a safer and more comfortable flight. Fuel saving is also expected thanks to an earlier and better preparation to avoid the bad weather conditions and turbulences.

 Turbulence forecast for EFBs

eWAS Key Benefits

Increase weather awareness by providing a clear view of current and future weather situations

Complete the tactical weather information based on embedded radar by strategic forecasting valid a few hours in advance

Improve safety and fuel consumption by early re-planning

Improve passenger comfort and cabin services by avoiding turbulences

Optimized data volume to reduce communication costs

Compatible with iOS and Windows based EFBs

Highly customizable application in accordance with predefined airline policies

Ideal for commercial and business jet transport

Pre-flight and en route solution

Post-flight incident analysis

End-to-end service on secure cloud

Multi weather providers

Main Features

Graphical interface designed for commercial pilots
Horizontal and vertical view of the weather threats
4D view of weather objects
ND View up to 640NM
Connection to your OCC
Integrated to A429 avionics bus to receive aircraft states
Detection of weather threats along the flight path
Pilot feedbacks
Timeline to see current and future weather situations for better anticipation of weather evolution
Virtual Radar with probabilistic view (pending patent)
24 Support
Airline Customization

Available Data


Thunderstorm nowcasting

Ground radar






Clear Air Turbulence



Wind, Tropopause

Volcanic Ash

Custom data on request

Data Refreshment every 10 minutes to 3 hours by automatic or manual requests

Weather data and forecasts available in all the flight phases

The eWAS solution can be used for the briefing during the flight route planning, on the flight updating the information on the Electronic Flight Bag and even after the flight for post flight analysis.

eWAS: Weather data for EFBs